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How long does the design process take?

We can start designing right away, and this may take a few days or a few weeks. It depends upon the complexity of the project. The important thing to keep in mind is that the hours and days spent designing = weeks saved in the build phase.

I just want an estimate on my remodel, can I get one from your company, without having to hire you for design?

Riverbirch would be happy to provide a ballpark estimate.  Since each project is like a snowflake, the best way to know what your project will cost is to start designing.  Our designs are very affordable and allow you to visualize your space, we estimate the cost, and give you a scope of work. This is the best way to know what your project will cost. The majority of homeowners that contract design with us, Build with us!

What if I already have a design?

That’s great! We will be happy to budget out any completed design. We can help you procure bids for finish products and specialty trades. We may also propose enhancements to your design. Whatever the situation, we are adaptable. Show us what you have and let’s get working on it.

What if I already have some of my finish products selected/purchased?

You’re ahead of the curve! This makes the process quicker, easier, and less costly!

Do you have good prices on name-brand finish products?

We help our clients to get discounts on the best finish products. We work as a team to get you exactly what you want, when it is needed, and at the best price.

How much does your design service cost?

Every design is unique, there is no price menu. Once we meet with you and discuss your project, we will provide you with a design contract proposal. You will be surprised at how affordable our rates are. Remember, remodel design does not cost, it pays. Our case studies have shown that we typically recoup our clients’ design costs, on average, 10x!

Do I need an Architect?

While architects are an important part of the home building industry, you do not need an architect to design your remodel. We can design any remodel, kitchen, bathroom, interior makeover, decks, patios, porches, outdoor kitchens, or even room additions. In some cases, we will need a residential building engineer, to certify plans for construction. We have relationships with both architects and engineers so that we can offer the most cost-effective solutions to even the most challenging structural designs.

Do I need building permits?

Many major remodeling projects require building permits. All projects contracted with Riverbirch will have the required permits, including cosmetic changes.  This is a protection for your most valuable asset!

What if I have a preferred cabinet brand/builder?

Our design software is completely custom, allowing us to design with any line of cabinetry.

What sets you apart from other Contractors in the Industry?

Riverbirch is one of the only Design-Build Firms. While we design your new space(s) we are actually building your plans.  This allows us to be ahead of most GC’s.  We have the best method of estimating and scope writing with few changes during the build phase.  This saves time and money for our clients.  Additionally, Riverbirch has great trade partners that provide great service and have worked with us for many years.