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2021 Kitchen Design Trends

Tremendous changes in our daily living have forced us to rethink the function of our homes. Particularly our kitchens. So this year’s trends go beyond new paint colors, appliance finishes, and trending wallpaper.

Riverbirch Remodeling can help ease your stress with a functional and refreshing kitchen design so you can be comfortable and productive. While making your kitchen practical, we have design trends that do not put style aside.

Every year design trends change. See which trends you’d like to see in your own kitchen.

Built-in Charging Stations

What is your kitchen being used for these days? Between virtual classrooms, zoom meetings, cooking, and zoom family dinners have made our kitchens busier than ever.

More designers are looking at the kitchen island and peninsulas as multi-purpose areas. Adding built-in charging stations for computers, tablets, and phones are a necessity.

With well thought out solutions, these stations are being placed in drawers, cabinets, and even hidden banquet compartments to conceal cords and electronics.

2021 Kitchen Trends

Hiding Small Appliances

While storage garages for concealing small appliances and gaining valuable room for food prep continue to be popular, the experts say they’re also seeing a move toward kitchens with drawers and cabinets that can hide almost any small appliance. The result is a bright, open look with neat lines.

2021 Kitchen Trends Clear Your Counters

Built-in Pantries & A Pop of Color

Stocking up on groceries these days has made designers think harder about good pantry storage. Built-in pantries from floor to ceiling have been one of the top kitchen remodel requests.

Walk-in pantries are also made to look seamless using the door style to match existing kitchen cabinetry. The look is high end and cohesive.

A pop of rich color on lower cabinets have been very popular. If you want to be daring and add great color, choose a section of cabinetry you’d like to be an anchor for your room. This will also keep the color from feeling heavy and overwhelming. Add a splash of fun color.

Paneled Appliance Cabinets

Wall panels to hide refrigerators and stove/ranges are in high demand. Panels are made to blend in with the rise of the kitchen cabinets and are great for also hiding storage shelves, wine racks, microwaves, and create lines and consistent tidy design.

Riverbirch Remodeling 2021 Kitchen Trends

A Twist On Stacking Ovens

Another appliance change is in not stacking split ovens and placing them in a linear path. Homeowners want better workflow and find having these appliances at an easy to reach level is ergonomically comfortable. This also allows upper cabinetry storage to be easy to access, too.

Kitchen Design Ideas for 2021 by Riverbirch Remodeling

Ceiling High Cabinets

Looking to get more storage? Go to the ceiling with your cabinets. Typical cabinet height leaves so much valuable space wasted. Use the top cabinets for seasonal items you don’t need regularly.

Installing cabinets to the ceiling will give the illusion of taller ceilings. Make your top cabinets a design element with glass doors or add a decorative inset. The bottom line, you can never have too much storage.

Kitchen Trends for 2021

Countertops To Envy

Although marble will be forever classic, the quartz craze is on the rise. Quartz has a great range of colors and can look like marble. Marble is known to stain and scratch easily. This is a wonderful option for a more unified color.

Multi-surface countertops are a cool way to break up your space and tons of interest. Use one color or product for the perimeter countertops and choose something different for your island countertop.

Kitchen Design Ideas for 2021 by Riverbirch Remodeling

Mixed Metal Hardware & Fixtures

Why limit yourself to one or two metals for all your fixtures and cabinet hardware. There’s no set design rule. It’s fun to use a combination of 2 or 3 finishes which will give a custom design feel. Also, you will open up your choices and give your kitchen tones of character by the layering.

Mix Up Metals in the Kitchen

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