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5 Ideas for Creating A Custom Kitchen

Custom Kitchens

The modern kitchen is all about function and beauty. Creating a custom kitchen gives you the ability to design exactly what you need and want. Choosing the right designer with a grasp on what your current kitchen is lacking and what options you have with your space is key. There are so many possibilities!

What Does Your Kitchen Design Need?

Have you already made a running list in your head of what things you hate about your kitchen? Most people say their kitchen lacks needed storage, natural light, is out of date, or they have been wanting to remodel and finally have the means.

Though you may know what you want, you may have a hard time imagining your kitchen layout any different. That’s where a good designer and 3D designs are so valuable. Seeing exactly how and where a wall might be bumped out for a larger island, using an existing closet behind your kitchen for a larger pantry, or how to expand your counter space before building ever starts is the only way to feel confident in your kitchen remodel.

In a previous article, we talked about kitchen trends for today’s kitchen. We’ve come up with a new list of 5 more ideas for creating an amazing custom kitchen that will make you fall in love with your home.


Hidden Walk-in Butler Pantry

A walk-in pantry is such a fantastic feature. A pantry is a luxury and very convenient. If you are looking for a way to add tons of storage with ease, not just for food, but for small appliances that you don’t use on a daily basis this is your answer.

In a custom pantry design, you can add features like a built-in wine fridge or microwave, freeing up kitchen wall space, floor-to-ceiling shelves, and drawers.

Putting in a walk-in pantry can give you the option of adding clean floating shelves in the kitchen design, or adding a wall of windows instead of a wall of cabinets.

What kind of pantry would you create?

Custom Kitchen ideas with hidden pantry


Add Large Windows

While some enjoy having a view of the TV while washing dishes, others would rather see the garden. There’s nothing like bringing the outdoors in with large picture windows or accordion-style windows that allow you to take a full view.

Having as much natural light on a north or east side facing kitchen will bring in light without the heat of summer.

Being able to see the trees, flowers, or picturesque scenery brings real depth and dimension to your room.

Create a custom kitchen design by adding Large windows over sink areaBring the outdoors in with adding large kitchen windows in your Kitchen Remodel with Riverbirch Remodeling of Raleigh NC


Hidden coffee and bar stations

Great features to add to your kitchen design are a beverage area with built-in hidden coffee  & bar stations. Not all coffee makers are gorgeous, nor do we always want to see them all the time.

This option allows you to have them plugged in ready to go and when you’re done, simply close the door and your kitchen is instantly tidy. Go one step further and have a pot filler installed right in the cabinet for an easy coffee maker or electric kettle filling.

A bar station is wonderful if you have small children at home and need a way to store them out of sight. Having a full beverage station for coffee, hot tea, and adult drinks is also nice if you love to have company or host parties.

Raleigh Modern Kitchen Remodel by Riverbirch RemodelingRaleigh Modern Kitchen Remodel by Riverbirch Remodeling


Modern Customized Cabinets

There’s nothing like cabinets with a place for everything. Custom cabinetry is incredibly functional these days.

There are pullouts for appliances, trash cans/paper towel holder combos, cutting board pullouts, spice drawers, knife drawers, wall pullouts for access to heavy pantry items, and so much more.

For corner cabinets, there are swing-out options for heavy pots and pans.

What cabinet options are you looking for?

Riverbirch Remodeling featuring Raleigh Modern designRiverbirch Remodeling featuring Raleigh Modern designRiverbirch Remodeling featuring Raleigh Modern design


Built-in Wine Fridge

If you are planning a beverage station, you cannot forget to add in a built-in wine fridge. Have it near your prettiest wine glasses or beer glasses.

There are a few reasons to have a dedicated beverage fridge. A built-in wine beverage fridge also frees up space in your full kitchen fridge. They help you keep plenty of cold drinks on hand for a party or gathering. They’re more efficient than a mini-fridge. Of course, most importantly, they keep your beverages at a perfect drinking temperature.

Riverbirch Remodeling Custom Kitchens With Built-in Wine Fridge

Invest In Your Home Where It Counts, The Kitchen

Keep in mind – kitchens sell homes. When designed and remodeled right, the investment in your kitchen will pay off in the long run if in the future you decide to sell.

Adding features that are not only going to make your love your home now but also be huge wants for potential buys in the years to come is a huge payoff.


Raleigh Kitchen Design & Remodeling Contractor

The fun for us with remodels is that every client is different in needs, wants, and style, and so is each and every project. Through our remodeling process, we offer useful design advice for cabinetry, workflow, fixtures, lighting, flooring, storage solutions, and so much more. We love a good challenge to design a kitchen that our clients have dreamed of and make it a reality.

If you live in Raleigh, Cary, or Apex, call us at 919-205-9550 for a consultation. We look forward to meeting you and your goal of creating a custom kitchen!

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