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Create a peaceful retreat you need

Do You Need to Remodel A Bathroom?

Your bathroom is an important room in your home. It’s where we start and finish our busy days. Does your bathroom feel out of date and dull? Isn’t it time for you to enjoy a beautiful and fully functional bathroom? You need what we call a bathroom makeover. This is when your layout works, and there are no issues like moisture or lack of ventilation.


Cosmetic Updates

It’s just a matter of needing cosmetic updates. This can either be a few items like new countertops, hardware, mirrors, lighting, and faucets. But, your bathroom remodel can certainly include a lot more depending on your budget.


Full Remodel or Renovation

Or perhaps you are interested in a full renovation. Are you wondering what a bathroom remodel can cost? The room may be older, possible moisture issues, a bad layout, and so on. In this case, the room is gutted out, issues fixed and a more efficient and appealing bathroom is built.

This will ensure whatever work is done, it is done to code starting from the bones of the room. This will be for certainty to be a dramatic change. We are here to help, whichever situation your room falls in.

Bathroom in Basement Finish Clayton NC

A Remodel Method That Works

Through our Design, Budget & Build method your remodeling project will be designed just how you want it, stay on time, and stay within budget. All our remodeling projects follow a proven 4 step process. We will do all we can possibly do within our control to keep your job running smoothly. 

Each step is crucial to happy clients.  The following are the 4 steps to help you decide if we are a good fit for your next exciting project.

Riverbirch Remodeling of Raleigh NC Master bathrooms

Step 1

All remodels start with a consultation to discuss your family’s needs. We’ll discuss your needs, ideas, and vision for the room.  Do you have a board on Pinterest? Send us a link after a consultation. Accordingly, our in-house designer will make recommendations and plan the extent of your design.

Step 2

Then, on to the design phase, which is comprised of multiple design steps that help us come up with a remodel build proposal. Included will be 3D renderings so you can see what your bathroom will look like. Once the proposal is presented and accepted, it’s time to begin the preconstruction phase.

Do you already have a design? No problem. We will be happy to budget out any completed design. Also, we can help you obtain bids for finish products and specialty trades. Depending on your design, we may also propose enhancements to it. Whatever your situation, we are adaptable.

Step 3

During the preconstruction phase, a lot goes on. All finishing products are ordered and their delivery is arranged to ensure everything will be on hand in advance of when it is needed.

At this time we aquire any needed building permits. Your personal belongings will need to be packed and safely stored. A dumpster service will be ordered. There may be some site prep that will be done at this time.

Step 4

Finally, get to the build phase. YAY! We are very careful to take steps to protect the areas that will not be renovated because we respect your home. Riverbirch Remodeling also takes onsite safety very seriously.

Daily communication is vital between the homeowner and between any tradespeople to review plans and stay on all our targets. Throughout your project, we will closely supervise from start to finish.

Our Goal

Provide Excellent Customer Service

We provide outstanding service through daily communication, accountability, and innovation of which is reflected in the quality of our results.

Innovative Problem Solving

Based on the ideas and concepts for your unique project, we use a 3D rendering program so we are able to come up with solutions and show you what the finished project will look like.

Accurate Budgeting

We work hard to determine an accurate cost of your project according to finishes, specialty trades, and labor. With our years of experience, we can come up with fixed-price contracts to avoid anything surprises.

We'd Love To Take Your Project On

A bathroom remodel is an opportunity to bring some peace to your daily living. It can solve problems like bad layout, dark room, out-of-date finishes, lack of character, and lack of storage, just to name a few. Do you live in the Raleigh area? Let us help make your bathroom a refreshing retreat. Call us today at 919-205-9550.